Over the years, I’ve taught myself many skills, including Jewelry Photography. I have mostly done this for local people who can deliver the jewelry to be shot personally, and not have to ship it off to someone in another city or state. Unless it is something extra complex, I work at a flat rate, usually $20 per finished shot(composite shots, I have to charge for each item individually, and then $20 for the actual composite editing). Usually, I will make a variety of sizes of each image for your convenience, including Zapp, and different sizes for print and web depending on what you need. I can do a gradient background, white or other solid color backgrounds, or I can shoot on a reflective black acrylic. Below are some examples of the photography I’ve done for others, as well as my own.

Once edited, you are free to have them printed wherever you want to and I can provide a written release for places like Sam’s Club and other photo centers which require it to reprint ‘professional images’.