Trying to get back into the swing of things…

2020 was a crazy year! I’m back to cabbing and doing intermittent jewelry photography, and am about to start producing jewelry again, as I’m doing a show this summer at the Southern Highland Craft Guild Gallery in Asheville. I’m hoping to use some of my higher end cabs I’ve stashed over the last few years to make some truly exquisite filigree jewelry.

This is the most recent piece I did, still need to do a little bezel clean up.

azurite malachite and blue topaz pendant
Azurite Malachite and blue topaz pendant. sterling silver

I’ve been focused on cabbing and photography because it’s easier to produce quickly and turn around to pay the bills…. I’m a little rusty, but getting back into it. Need to get back up to speed so I can work on a new version of my filigree book: Silver Threads, Making Wire Filigree Jewelry.